Virtual Production Specs

Asset Delivery Specs for Simplemente Virtual Production

Unreal Engine Scenes:

  • Format: Unreal Engine scene files (.uasset, .umap). Or USD if delivering for Unreal reformatting.
  • Optimization: Scenes should be optimized for smooth real-time playback at up to 60fps if shooting slow-motion or otherwise at the maximum project frame rate.
  • Baked Lighting: Preferably include baked lighting to reduce real-time rendering load.
  • Geometry: Complex geometry, especially in the background, should be optimized or decimated to enhance performance.

Still Images:

  • Formats:  TIF, TGA, and EXR are preferable. JPG/PNG is also okay if uncompressed isn’t available, but it may result in compression artifacts.
  • Resolution: Images should be provided at the highest possible resolution with the least compression.
  • Specifics: Simplemente Churubusco comprises 792 2.3mm LED panels delivering a total native resolution of 14,256 x 2592 pixels). For best quality, especially when using the entire volume on-camera, images should meet or exceed this resolution

Video Plates:

  • Format: For the highest quality, ProRes is the preferred format; MP4 is also possible, but might produce compression artifacts such as banding.
  • Resolution: Videos should be at 4K or higher resolution, matched to the VP project’s frame rate.
  • Requirements: Ensure video clips are suitable for seamless playback and integration. For example, clips covering the entire volume should be in 180/360 format or synchronized multiple angles for driving plates. Plates designed to cover only a portion of the screen can be more typical 16:9 aspect ratios.

Asset delivery can be via Dropbox, Box, GDRIVE, WeTransfer, etc. If you have a secure content management or versioning system, please send an invitation to Simplemete. These guidelines ensure the content meets the technical requirements for smooth operation and high-quality output on the Simplemente virtual production volume.

simplemente2VP Specs